Tips to care for Acer Laptop battery for more Durable

Discussing a laptop or notebook battery, what's in your mind if you first have a laptop or notebook.? Do you think about playing games every day, or daily Internet full non-space. Both of these things are very overwhelming for your laptop, especially if the speack from your laptop or notebook is not still low surely there will be trouble if used irregular. 

In the discussion of the laptop battery this time the admin will tell how the heck how to care for a laptop battery so that it is not quickly damaged aka durable. As you know, the battery is a must-have component for sympemalis in which it is brought. Whose name tool will surely be megalami damage if not in the same case with your laptop battery will be damaged quickly if you do not do maintenance on your laptop battery.

From the previous meeting the admin has also discussed some problems that occur in the laptop battery and the solution, the one that will be the case that the battery can not charge. This is usually caused by the laptop battery is full but you are still tired and intentionally letting in the adapter state is still charging. It makes your laptop fast hot and results in the battery not charging. Then how is the solution Gan, it is the case you can see here. (Solution to overcome the laptop battery that can not charge)

The problem that often occurs in the next laptop battery is the laptop battery ami Drop alias Nge-Drop or can be in the said 2 minutes is out hehhe. It is in your because less attention to the state of your laptop battery, beterai minimal laptop in cash at a capacity of about 10%, under it does not recommend the battery because can suffer wear, a.k.a. less on the CAs. Try not to get your laptop battery nge-Drop Yes because later will cause your battery to run out quickly when it is only a week in Pake, Hemz. If your battery is already experiencing severe Drop do some of the ways I have discussed before. See here (How to mengasti laptop battery nge-Drop)

To prevent your laptop battery from having problems such as the problem above, you should consider using your laptop or notebook. Do maintenance on your laptop or notebook battery to prevent them from being quickly damaged. In order to do maintenance on the laptop battery, you must know a few things that must be known as follows:

  1. Do not remove the battery when the laptop is alive and on charge
  2. Perform cleaning on the laptop metal battery contacts routinely
  3. Try not to over or excessive at the time of the
  4. Calibrate the laptop battery every 30 times the charge
  5. Remove the laptop battery if used for a long period of time
  6. Try not to overdo the same (over multitasking) applications
  7. Use external devices as needed
  8. Make sure you have the air in and circulation smoothly on your laptop
  9. Disable Update Anti-virus, application stakeholders windows.
  10. Don't overuse the volume of a laptop or notebook Spaker
  11. If you can avoid playing heavy games and full day
  12. Use also fun external to anticipate over Hot on a laptop

How do you understand what you must and should not do to keep your laptop or notebook battery long ago graduated college graduate who works Samapek retirement dah, who does not work Ampek Deh grandparents. Saia. Continue what to do to do the maintenance of the laptop battery or my notebook mas, Bisar can last the longevity of concrete.? For that matter let's look at the following

  1. For laptops or notebooks that are newly wrote in turn on the new alias buy Gitu, Cie. Try to even be obliged to charge or at the CAS first think and approximately for 6 hours without the laptop. Or it can be said in cash 6 hours in the dead state.
  2. Charge your laptop battery if it reaches a minimum limit of 10%, this is done to anticipate battery wear.
  3. Revoke starter/charge laptop or notebook if it reaches maximum limit of 99 – 100%). Intend not to Over so Lo
  4. For the activity of using a laptop or notebook in a jangkawaktu long enough I recommend you remove the battery and choose to use the power stream directly to the laptop so that your battery does not suffer leakage due to long use will cause your battery to heat fast and have an impact on your laptop battery.
  5. If you use a direct electric stream aka without a battery, it is good to use the UPS and stabilizer to store and invalidate the electric current
  6. Configure the battery settings of your laptop to deactivate the screen and hard-disk after a few minutes, so your leptop can be automatically in a state of idle if only you forgot Mematikanya. This is so that battery consumption is not fully assumed in full but rather to reduce power consumption in order to last a long time until you return and turn off your laptop or notebook.
  7. If you are not in need of a Wif or Bluetooth connection, just turn it off, so that your battery can last a few hours. Karen is a device that is not as comfortable as draining your laptop. Because the signal that is radiated continuously can drain power on your laptop or notebook battery.
  8. Use LOW battery notification and also full battery in your laptop or notebook settings, yes to anticipate when your laptop asks for chage or charge is full.
  9. The last thing you can do is pray and attention to your laptop Noe because the treatment was started from the attention Hehhee...

The last message from the admin, the use of laptop or notebook for a long period of time will be more optimal if you accompany it with the treatment of. If not then there will be one component of the laptop that loses its function, yes like a laptop battery is for example. Will be damaged if you do not pay attention to health, your laptop battery is durable depending on your own.

What is the hell? Cuman do maintenance on a laptop that every day we use to work on an important work. Anyway if damaged you will lose, from now on you notice the state of the laptop is good battery and other components, so what.? Yes so that your laptop can be used comfortably and safely and not quickly damaged of course.

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