Solutions and how to fix fast-running laptop Batteries

A laptop battery is a component that also contributes to optimizing the functioning of the laptop as a very useful tool for humans. A lot of causes of laptop batteries become ngedrop, and quickly discharged one of the causes is the use of laptops that do not pay attention to the laptop charger by charging the laptop continuously.

Laptop battery used can be optimal and does not reduce the compatibility of Batrai laptop, you should do the laptop Batrai properly and properly. The problem of your laptop battery life depends on your own, try to use your laptop and also pay attention to the following:

  • If you use a laptop for a full day to remove your laptop battery
  • Battery Cas If it reaches 10% 
  • Unplug the charger at least 99% or if it reaches 100%
  • Charge your laptop Battery 2 times a day or suit your needs.
  • If the battery runs out of total and then arrives dead, unplug your laptop battery back and then charge it without turning on your laptop.

If your laptop battery has been properly ngedrop then you should do the following things so that your battery can be snapped to its maximum power. What is a Drop battery.? Ngedrop Battery is a problem of laptops with the feature of the battery is not resistant as usual, quickly exhausted, fast heat and another if in cash takes a long time to fill it. READ also how to take care of the Acer Laptop battery and how to repair batteries that do not charge

Continued how the solution tackling the battery that ngedrop gan.? Actually it is very easy to cope with the laptop battery nge-Drop, to solve it you prepare the equipment of the refrigerator (freezer), wrappers (plastic and aluminum voil), straps (rubber or duct tape), and a laptop battery that nge-Drop of course. Once the ingredients above materials have been ready now to the practice step to cope with the nge-Drop battery.

  1. Insert the laptop battery that nge-Drop into the plastic wrapper and and coated with the aluminum paper voil. Try to wrap the meeting Yes lest there is any gap left.
  2. Then bind or duct to cover all plastic wrap surfaces and aluminum. If you do not mind, in the first wrapper is the duct plastic and then the layer of the Alma
  3. If everything is ready then insert the battery into your freezer or refrigerator. Let stand for a full day night. 
  4. It's up to a day overnight to remove your battery from the refrigerator
  5. Allow until the water on the surface of the wrapper disappears or quickly let your drying dry under the hot sun. Or you just leave it at normal temperature until there is no water on the surface of your battery wrapping
  6. Open the wrapper if it is dry, then attach it to your laptop Yes
  7. Battery charge your laptop to a full 100%, try to shrink the laptop in the dead because the recommendation aims to prevent the laptop from having a short circuit at the time in cash
  8. If it is up to 100% percent then try to turn on and free playing your laptop until satisfied Deh.

Quite complicated yes, Rumayan anyway but it also let your laptop battery not Maxwell Low, a little bit of a distill solution is only useful for batteries that are experiencing just Drop not for total defective battery yes. Saia.

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