How to Easily clean the Acer Laptop Keyboard

Let's clean your laptop keyboard,

This time I will be a little bit about how to clean a good and true Acer laptop keyboard. In this draft I helped by my brother to find a reference on the keyboard and a good thing to do on the keyboard. 

Because my brother is a computer technician in his own shop, I ask for his help in completing the thing I will share this time, I understand the new newbie is still investigating and studying the computer world. 

Keyboard is a type board that is available on laptops, computers, notebooks and some other electronic devices that use the keyboard. On the laptop keyboard has a very very phyal function, because without the presence of the keyboard the function of the laptop will not be maximized. Well know our construct Ngetik, prob game, and other things also wear the keyboard.

Initially this tutorial I made as a matter of my presentation in my vocational task that is TKJ, at that time I was a Grade 1 SMK that is in the way of the flower, Lampung Timur. And Alhamdulilah I am grateful to have a technician brother, yes because besides him a profession with vocational that I take, I can also learn a lot from him.

On the presentation material I used to be super simple and lacking explanation in a xylophone and this time I will make it easier to understand. Actually this I share so that my friends do not experience what I experienced on my keyboard which is matot due to never be well done.

Clean the laptop keyboard
Tools used:

  • Mini Vacuum Cleaner
  • Small brushes
  • CD-Cleaner
  • Small cloth 

Additional equipment:

  • Combination screwdriver


  1. First use a mini vacuum cleaner to pull out the dust that is on the sidelines in the keyboard, clean the dust that is inside it until the keyboard is smued
  2. If there is still dirt that can not be sucked by mini vacuum cleaners use a brush to pull the dirt, after that suction back with a mini vacuum cleaner
  3. After all the dust disappears, next we remove the mushroom/flag that fired on the keyboard keys and also the keyboard separator, spray the CD-cleaner onto the fine cloth a little bit, and then wipe the keyboard slowly and thoroughly. Farming can be evenly yes let the mushroom/flag can disappear from your keyboard.
  4. If you need to do the inside of the keyboard cleaning please use a screwdriver to open the keyboard, use a small screwdriver (-), remove the latch in the Keboard, usually how in the edges of the keyboard, remove the latch slowly do not reach the scratch on the keyboard you let me look sperti new continue so hehe....
  5. If the keyboard is already detached from the laptop body please use the Mini dust cleaner and brush only, do not use the CD-Clener in this section, use when it is forced. Clean it overall well that's the part in the laptop keyboard and the bottom of your keyboard.
  6. Once it is clean and ready to be installed, plug it like everything and also slowly yes. Don't let the keyboard lock break, the Carana will be fatal on your keyboard. Maybe the keyboard can not be locked well. Or it will slightly arise on the part that the locker is broken. So try not to break.
  7. SIP keyboard already healthy clean, and comfortable in use of course.

And that's a little tips from me about how to clean a good and correct Acer laptop keyboard, do No. 1 to No. 3 routine that if 1 month, if it is necessary to clean one week once PU no problem. Because this cleaning depends on your own keyboard activity, the more often you use the keyboard, the faster your keyboard will be dirty. For that do cleanup if it is time.

For the stage that no. 4 to No. 5 that you can do when the inside of the keyboard you have already been on the net. The purpose of this is not so that the keyboard of your laptop remains clean and comfortable in use.

We are finished first this simple tips hopefully can be useful for all of you, share it mamang wonderful let alone share tips like this, you are glad I was cheerful, it was selogan from me. Hehe..

See you next time...

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