10 General Internet Benefit that we Should Know

Internet (short for interconnection-networking) are:

All interconnected computer networks use the Global System standard of Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP) as packet switching communication protocol to serve billions of Users around the world. The largest Internet network is called the Internet. How to connect a network with this rule is called internetworking ( "internetwork ").

In today's modern era, human life can not be separated from the technology called Internet. The benefits of the Internet for people in Indonesia are quite a lot and very helpful in everyday life.

The Internet was created to facilitate human work. The people of Indonesia not only use the Internet as a medium to relieve work, but also for other things such as hanging out or even finding additional income such as YouTubers, bloggers and selling goods on social media, So it can be the Internet as your source of income.

1. Foreign Language Mastery

The next benefit is that the Internet can be used as a foreign language mastery tool including English. English is difficult to learn if it relies solely on school or course lessons. By utilizing the Internet, students can learn English independently and more enjoyable from various web. Employees can also use the Google Translate facility to simply help translate the company's important documents into many languages quickly and appropriately.

2. As a source of information

As an information source is the next Internet benefit. You can find some of the most recent information in cyberspace. For example, if you want to search for an old news that is not published on newspapers or broadcast on TV for school or office tasks, you can find it on the Internet with a very short time. Or conversely, if you like to find the most recent news that has not appeared in newspapers or TV, Internet can be an answer

3. Facilitate communicating

In this era of increasingly sophisticated digital age, communicating no longer need to use mail, but using digital facilities available today, as it does on the Internet. The Internet is able to act as a media of our communication with others, For example you can send a sense of longing to your friends through good social media, such as Facebook, Instagram and Google +

6. Means of remote education

The Internet as an online library and its ability to build interactive communication allows everyone to do long distance education. That is, a teacher or lecturer with students or students does not have to be in one place, but can be in a different place even though it is far away. Why can it? Because students can access the website that has been created school, then students follow the process of education in front of the computer, can be at any time, even up to 24 hours.

7. As an entertainment facility

Speaking of entertainment, in fact an entertainment can be obtained not only in the real world, in the virtual world can be. On the Internet, you can get entertainment as you want, for example watching a funny video on YouTube, entertaining pictures, playing games online, refreshing the mind by searching for entertaining information, and others.

8. Internet benefits as a means of distance education

The internet has become an online library capable of establishing interactive communication which allows any Internet user to be able to conduct education remotely. Like lecturers or teachers who teach remotely through video calls through your computer and smartphone

9. Internet benefits to facilitate in shopping.

If you want to shop but you are lazy to leave home then the solution is to use the Internet in shopping. Online shopping is a great choice, but we must be careful in buying online because many fraudsters are impersonate an online store. So you must be careful in choosing an online store.

In the increasingly sophisticated technology in operating the Internet will certainly be a challenge for users to be able to utilize the Internet to improve its mindset and can use the Internet in a positive sense Yes.

10. Internet as a Learning Resource

If the first learning resources are books, magazines and through direct learning activities in nature but nowadays with the existence of the Internet has changed the learning style of students who once were conventional towards a more effective and practical direction. The Internet has become an alternative learning resource with practically limitless subject matter. Internet has various advantages over learning resources such as books, magazines etc. ie through the Internet students can search for lesson materials from various sources so that students ' knowledge will be richer. In addition, the ease of discovering the subject matter through the Internet is a plus. Internet can also be accessed anywhere so that it has practical properties and Internet can also be accessed through various electronic devices so it is not fixed on one device only. Simply type the subject matter in the search, all the material sought and related will appear in a matter of seconds making it easier for students and girls to learn.

Hopefully the article that I give to you is beneficial for all of you. Thanks

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