How to Easily clean the Acer Laptop Keyboard

By On November 21, 2019

Let's clean your laptop keyboard,

This time I will be a little bit about how to clean a good and true Acer laptop keyboard. In this draft I helped by my brother to find a reference on the keyboard and a good thing to do on the keyboard. 

Because my brother is a computer technician in his own shop, I ask for his help in completing the thing I will share this time, I understand the new newbie is still investigating and studying the computer world. 

Keyboard is a type board that is available on laptops, computers, notebooks and some other electronic devices that use the keyboard. On the laptop keyboard has a very very phyal function, because without the presence of the keyboard the function of the laptop will not be maximized. Well know our construct Ngetik, prob game, and other things also wear the keyboard.

Initially this tutorial I made as a matter of my presentation in my vocational task that is TKJ, at that time I was a Grade 1 SMK that is in the way of the flower, Lampung Timur. And Alhamdulilah I am grateful to have a technician brother, yes because besides him a profession with vocational that I take, I can also learn a lot from him.

On the presentation material I used to be super simple and lacking explanation in a xylophone and this time I will make it easier to understand. Actually this I share so that my friends do not experience what I experienced on my keyboard which is matot due to never be well done.

Clean the laptop keyboard
Tools used:

  • Mini Vacuum Cleaner
  • Small brushes
  • CD-Cleaner
  • Small cloth 

Additional equipment:

  • Combination screwdriver


  1. First use a mini vacuum cleaner to pull out the dust that is on the sidelines in the keyboard, clean the dust that is inside it until the keyboard is smued
  2. If there is still dirt that can not be sucked by mini vacuum cleaners use a brush to pull the dirt, after that suction back with a mini vacuum cleaner
  3. After all the dust disappears, next we remove the mushroom/flag that fired on the keyboard keys and also the keyboard separator, spray the CD-cleaner onto the fine cloth a little bit, and then wipe the keyboard slowly and thoroughly. Farming can be evenly yes let the mushroom/flag can disappear from your keyboard.
  4. If you need to do the inside of the keyboard cleaning please use a screwdriver to open the keyboard, use a small screwdriver (-), remove the latch in the Keboard, usually how in the edges of the keyboard, remove the latch slowly do not reach the scratch on the keyboard you let me look sperti new continue so hehe....
  5. If the keyboard is already detached from the laptop body please use the Mini dust cleaner and brush only, do not use the CD-Clener in this section, use when it is forced. Clean it overall well that's the part in the laptop keyboard and the bottom of your keyboard.
  6. Once it is clean and ready to be installed, plug it like everything and also slowly yes. Don't let the keyboard lock break, the Carana will be fatal on your keyboard. Maybe the keyboard can not be locked well. Or it will slightly arise on the part that the locker is broken. So try not to break.
  7. SIP keyboard already healthy clean, and comfortable in use of course.

And that's a little tips from me about how to clean a good and correct Acer laptop keyboard, do No. 1 to No. 3 routine that if 1 month, if it is necessary to clean one week once PU no problem. Because this cleaning depends on your own keyboard activity, the more often you use the keyboard, the faster your keyboard will be dirty. For that do cleanup if it is time.

For the stage that no. 4 to No. 5 that you can do when the inside of the keyboard you have already been on the net. The purpose of this is not so that the keyboard of your laptop remains clean and comfortable in use.

We are finished first this simple tips hopefully can be useful for all of you, share it mamang wonderful let alone share tips like this, you are glad I was cheerful, it was selogan from me. Hehe..

See you next time...

Tips to care for Acer Laptop battery for more Durable

By On November 21, 2019

Discussing a laptop or notebook battery, what's in your mind if you first have a laptop or notebook.? Do you think about playing games every day, or daily Internet full non-space. Both of these things are very overwhelming for your laptop, especially if the speack from your laptop or notebook is not still low surely there will be trouble if used irregular. 

In the discussion of the laptop battery this time the admin will tell how the heck how to care for a laptop battery so that it is not quickly damaged aka durable. As you know, the battery is a must-have component for sympemalis in which it is brought. Whose name tool will surely be megalami damage if not in the same case with your laptop battery will be damaged quickly if you do not do maintenance on your laptop battery.

From the previous meeting the admin has also discussed some problems that occur in the laptop battery and the solution, the one that will be the case that the battery can not charge. This is usually caused by the laptop battery is full but you are still tired and intentionally letting in the adapter state is still charging. It makes your laptop fast hot and results in the battery not charging. Then how is the solution Gan, it is the case you can see here. (Solution to overcome the laptop battery that can not charge)

The problem that often occurs in the next laptop battery is the laptop battery ami Drop alias Nge-Drop or can be in the said 2 minutes is out hehhe. It is in your because less attention to the state of your laptop battery, beterai minimal laptop in cash at a capacity of about 10%, under it does not recommend the battery because can suffer wear, a.k.a. less on the CAs. Try not to get your laptop battery nge-Drop Yes because later will cause your battery to run out quickly when it is only a week in Pake, Hemz. If your battery is already experiencing severe Drop do some of the ways I have discussed before. See here (How to mengasti laptop battery nge-Drop)

To prevent your laptop battery from having problems such as the problem above, you should consider using your laptop or notebook. Do maintenance on your laptop or notebook battery to prevent them from being quickly damaged. In order to do maintenance on the laptop battery, you must know a few things that must be known as follows:

  1. Do not remove the battery when the laptop is alive and on charge
  2. Perform cleaning on the laptop metal battery contacts routinely
  3. Try not to over or excessive at the time of the
  4. Calibrate the laptop battery every 30 times the charge
  5. Remove the laptop battery if used for a long period of time
  6. Try not to overdo the same (over multitasking) applications
  7. Use external devices as needed
  8. Make sure you have the air in and circulation smoothly on your laptop
  9. Disable Update Anti-virus, application stakeholders windows.
  10. Don't overuse the volume of a laptop or notebook Spaker
  11. If you can avoid playing heavy games and full day
  12. Use also fun external to anticipate over Hot on a laptop

How do you understand what you must and should not do to keep your laptop or notebook battery long ago graduated college graduate who works Samapek retirement dah, who does not work Ampek Deh grandparents. Saia. Continue what to do to do the maintenance of the laptop battery or my notebook mas, Bisar can last the longevity of concrete.? For that matter let's look at the following

  1. For laptops or notebooks that are newly wrote in turn on the new alias buy Gitu, Cie. Try to even be obliged to charge or at the CAS first think and approximately for 6 hours without the laptop. Or it can be said in cash 6 hours in the dead state.
  2. Charge your laptop battery if it reaches a minimum limit of 10%, this is done to anticipate battery wear.
  3. Revoke starter/charge laptop or notebook if it reaches maximum limit of 99 – 100%). Intend not to Over so Lo
  4. For the activity of using a laptop or notebook in a jangkawaktu long enough I recommend you remove the battery and choose to use the power stream directly to the laptop so that your battery does not suffer leakage due to long use will cause your battery to heat fast and have an impact on your laptop battery.
  5. If you use a direct electric stream aka without a battery, it is good to use the UPS and stabilizer to store and invalidate the electric current
  6. Configure the battery settings of your laptop to deactivate the screen and hard-disk after a few minutes, so your leptop can be automatically in a state of idle if only you forgot Mematikanya. This is so that battery consumption is not fully assumed in full but rather to reduce power consumption in order to last a long time until you return and turn off your laptop or notebook.
  7. If you are not in need of a Wif or Bluetooth connection, just turn it off, so that your battery can last a few hours. Karen is a device that is not as comfortable as draining your laptop. Because the signal that is radiated continuously can drain power on your laptop or notebook battery.
  8. Use LOW battery notification and also full battery in your laptop or notebook settings, yes to anticipate when your laptop asks for chage or charge is full.
  9. The last thing you can do is pray and attention to your laptop Noe because the treatment was started from the attention Hehhee...

The last message from the admin, the use of laptop or notebook for a long period of time will be more optimal if you accompany it with the treatment of. If not then there will be one component of the laptop that loses its function, yes like a laptop battery is for example. Will be damaged if you do not pay attention to health, your laptop battery is durable depending on your own.

What is the hell? Cuman do maintenance on a laptop that every day we use to work on an important work. Anyway if damaged you will lose, from now on you notice the state of the laptop is good battery and other components, so what.? Yes so that your laptop can be used comfortably and safely and not quickly damaged of course.

Solutions and how to fix fast-running laptop Batteries

By On November 11, 2019

A laptop battery is a component that also contributes to optimizing the functioning of the laptop as a very useful tool for humans. A lot of causes of laptop batteries become ngedrop, and quickly discharged one of the causes is the use of laptops that do not pay attention to the laptop charger by charging the laptop continuously.

Laptop battery used can be optimal and does not reduce the compatibility of Batrai laptop, you should do the laptop Batrai properly and properly. The problem of your laptop battery life depends on your own, try to use your laptop and also pay attention to the following:

  • If you use a laptop for a full day to remove your laptop battery
  • Battery Cas If it reaches 10% 
  • Unplug the charger at least 99% or if it reaches 100%
  • Charge your laptop Battery 2 times a day or suit your needs.
  • If the battery runs out of total and then arrives dead, unplug your laptop battery back and then charge it without turning on your laptop.

If your laptop battery has been properly ngedrop then you should do the following things so that your battery can be snapped to its maximum power. What is a Drop battery.? Ngedrop Battery is a problem of laptops with the feature of the battery is not resistant as usual, quickly exhausted, fast heat and another if in cash takes a long time to fill it. READ also how to take care of the Acer Laptop battery and how to repair batteries that do not charge

Continued how the solution tackling the battery that ngedrop gan.? Actually it is very easy to cope with the laptop battery nge-Drop, to solve it you prepare the equipment of the refrigerator (freezer), wrappers (plastic and aluminum voil), straps (rubber or duct tape), and a laptop battery that nge-Drop of course. Once the ingredients above materials have been ready now to the practice step to cope with the nge-Drop battery.

  1. Insert the laptop battery that nge-Drop into the plastic wrapper and and coated with the aluminum paper voil. Try to wrap the meeting Yes lest there is any gap left.
  2. Then bind or duct to cover all plastic wrap surfaces and aluminum. If you do not mind, in the first wrapper is the duct plastic and then the layer of the Alma
  3. If everything is ready then insert the battery into your freezer or refrigerator. Let stand for a full day night. 
  4. It's up to a day overnight to remove your battery from the refrigerator
  5. Allow until the water on the surface of the wrapper disappears or quickly let your drying dry under the hot sun. Or you just leave it at normal temperature until there is no water on the surface of your battery wrapping
  6. Open the wrapper if it is dry, then attach it to your laptop Yes
  7. Battery charge your laptop to a full 100%, try to shrink the laptop in the dead because the recommendation aims to prevent the laptop from having a short circuit at the time in cash
  8. If it is up to 100% percent then try to turn on and free playing your laptop until satisfied Deh.

Quite complicated yes, Rumayan anyway but it also let your laptop battery not Maxwell Low, a little bit of a distill solution is only useful for batteries that are experiencing just Drop not for total defective battery yes. Saia.

Positive and Negative Impacts of Game Play

By On November 07, 2019

This Game is not only an entertainment that is much enjoyed by everyone from various circles. But in accordance with its development, playing games has now become a kind of hobby that is done by young people to old with a variety of different backgrounds. Playing games can make you apart from stress, but you also have to be careful because it could be stress you increasingly increase especially if a game never can be solved.

Positive impact

1. Make can take decisions faster

Gamers should quickly make a decision, if not able to take a decision quickly, maybe gamers could just die or lose the game. For example, if gamers play strategy games, gamers must be able to decide quickly, between attacking and defending. If it's too long to think, your opponent can easily defeat him.

2. Add Friends.

As we know that in this world there are many people who have a hobby of playing games. You can also add lots of friends by playing online or offline games. If you often play games in an internet cafe or online gaming venue, you will likely have more friends.

3. Improve foreign language ability.

We all know that most of the games in demand come from abroad with the majority using English. If you want to more easily understand the game also will not want you have to learn the meaning of the language or word used in the game. It is indirectly able to make your foreign language skills increase.

4. Exercise Patience

Many video games are designed and made with a high level of difficulty that sometimes a gamer takes weeks or months to complete. Patience like this is definitely useful in real life.

5. Train Dexterity

Playing games can also improve your dexterity. There are work functions, play, while exercising. There are a lot of games in video games that provoke the level of coordination and clarity of your eyes.

Negative impact Game Play

In addition to some of the positive impacts that I convey above, playing games also has some negative impact that you can receive if you are not careful. The negative impacts among them are:

1. Addiction

If you are too interested in an excessive game, you can also experience addiction. This addiction will be very dangerous especially if you forget any responsibility or will then forget all of your activities. Even the most extreme thing is where one is lazy to eat because of the addiction of a game.

2. Be lazy

If you're comfortable playing the game you'll all forget it. Moreover, if you have already installed the headset then all calls will not be ignored. Once tired you will just go straight asleep, so all the work nothing is done. This kind of addiction makes gamers considered lazy.

3. Sleep deprivation

We often forget the needs of this one primer, as a result the negative impact of sleep is approaching us, we will lose drowsiness when it is too fun to play a game.

4. Radiation that makes the eye less healthy

It is obvious that there is often. Facing the screen/monitor will make the eye sick and less healthy, radiation is radiated, apaalgi if continuous, the eyes will be sore and appear blurry when viewing. It's the most frequent impact on gamers. Not only real gamers, for workers who look at computer screens for a long time or watching television too long can also be hit by this attack. The closest possible impact is that you have to use your glasses because it will cause you to play the game for too long.

5. Build a busy 

After sleeping in fact, the worse impact of playing other games is getting busy. Waking up Noon is the worst thing when a child is school. What he should have woke up at 5 o'clock or 6 a.m., because he was playing late night games then would not be able to wake up early because the eyes still felt sleepy.

The history of WhatsApp, and its Flagship Features?

By On November 01, 2019

What is WhatsApp and its features

The new Sobat DS switched to smartphones might still fumble at the new stuff on her device. One that should have been friend met but still confusing, perhaps about what is WhatsApp, what its usefulness and what the hell is its features. Well, in this article the editorial will be a complete comment on the subject of WhatsApp, including his birth history.

What is WhatsApp

The first, about what the heck is actually WhatsApp. WhatsApp is an Instant messaging app for smartphones that, if viewed from the functionality of WhatsApp, is practically the same as the SMS app you used to use on your old phone. But WhatsApp does not use credit, but rather internet data. So, in this app Buddy does not have to worry about the length of the short character. There is no limit, as long as Internet buddy data is adequate.

Although it is an instant messaging app, there is unique to WhatsApp. So, the contact identification System, verification and message delivery are still done through the mobile phone number that was first registered. This is different from FUEL that uses a PIN, or LINE that, in addition to a mobile number, also supports email, and username.

WhatsApp Featured Features

WhatsApp has several features:

  • Send a text message
  • Send photos from gallery or from camera
  • Send a video
  • Send Office files or more
  • Call by voice, including sending your voicemail that the recipient can listen to at any time.
  • Share your location using GPS
  • Send a contact card
  • WhatsApp also supports multiple emojis, but for stickers, WhatsApp is minimalist. Unlike the more Getol LINE.
  • In WhatsApp, users can also set their own profile panel, consisting of names, photos, status as well as some privacy settings tools to protect profiles and also assistive tools to backup messages, change account numbers and make payments. Ah Yes, this WhatsApp will be a paid app after a year of use, it costs only Rp 12,000 per year. You can also help your friend by paying the subscription fee on his behalf.

Where can I download WhatsApp?

WhatsApp can be downloaded from the Play Store app. On every latest Android smartphone by default the store app is called the Play Store. You can find WhatsApp in the store app. Or for iOS users can download it in the APP Store app. WhatsApp is also available for Nokia S40, S60, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. More information can be obtained on the official WhatsApp website.

WhatsApp history

WhatsApp was established on February 24, 2009, meaning now WhatsApp is already on the sixth age. WhatsApp was founded by Brian Acton and Jan Koum who once worked as a Yahoo employee. With a savings of $400,000 earned during his work there, Koum visited his friend Alex Fishman to discuss about the then 7-month-old App Store, Koum felt this store had the potential. Fishman then helped Koum find an iPhone application developer named Igor Solomennikov from Russia.

But even though WhatsApp Inc. has stood up, the WhatsApp app itself is still far from wrong. In some experiments, WhatsApp crashed and failed to run as expected. Desperate, Koum intends to shut down his company and find another job. But Brian Acton encouraged him to survive a few more months. In the end, after passing through a fairly long beta phase, in November 2009, WhatsApp officially started its run in the App Store. Previously, Koum had persuaded Acton and five other former Yahoo! officers to invest. After visiting the App Store, in January 2010 WhatsApp wandered into the BlackBerry Store and followed Android in August.

Although the status has been changed from free to paid, the popularity of WhatsApp is still fast-paced on almost all platforms. As of February 2013 WhatsApp active users exploded in the number 200 million. This figure doubled in December and climbed again to 500 million in April 2014. And as of September 2015, WhatsApp active users recorded as much as 900 million.

The rapid growth is what makes Facebook crazy about WhatsApp. On the other, WhatsApp Inc. Received a Facebook compete with a mahar of $19 billion. After changing flags, Facebook does not make many changes to WhatsApp, still pegged official per year and without ads. Not as many people feared.

Positive and Negative Impacts of social Media Use

By On October 29, 2019

Social media or social media are:

An online media, with its users can easily participate, share, and create content including blogs, social networks, forums and virtual worlds. Blogs and social networks are the most common forms of social media used by people around the world.


As a place to promote a product that we want to sell

With the many people who use social media, Kiita can sell the goods by promoting the goods to the social media so that the goods are many seen many people so that the person wants to buy the item

Where to multiply your friends 

By using social media, we can communicate with anyone, even with people we do not know from various corners of the world we can use this advantage to add insight, brainstorm, culture and Characteristic of their respective regions, and others it can also hone in on a person's language skills. For example, learn English and regional languages by utilizing the call or video call facility provided on social networking sites.

As a place for rapid deployment of information

The information up to date is very easy to spread through social media sites. Only in the tempo of a few minutes after the incident, we have been able to enjoy the information. This is very beneficial to us as a human being who lives in today's digital age. 

Tools for developing skills and social 

To hone technical and social skills is a necessity that must be met in order to survive and be on the balance of competitive modern era. It is very important, there is no age limit, everyone needs to thrive.

Data exchange Media

By using the network websites of internet users around the world can exchange information quickly and cheap.

For example read the news online to look for important information and you share the information well this is called exchanging information to others.

Teenagers can socialize with the public and manage the Friendship network

They will be able to socialize with other general communities such as logging in to certain forums so that they can share knowledge, stories, know-how and experience. These impacts occur because they interact with each other and receive feedback from each other by communicating differently than usual because communication is easier to flow than when they speak directly.
For example a teenage high school student wants to have knowledge of IT science.
(INFORMATICS) and he immediately asked a student IT.
(INFORMATICS) or entering a forum or an IT group (INFORMATICS) in a social media, then there is social interaction between high school students and IT students (INFORMATICS) and they can share their knowledge and can become a motivation for high school students In order to have a willingness to deepen and knowledge about IT (INFORMATICS).


Being a person of individualist

This is what we often see around us, because we have many people who have fun with their gadgets if someone too enjoy this social media then a slow individualist trait will emerge. So this one enjoys its own existence even when meeting many people.

Cyber-bullying occurrence

What is cyber bullying? Cyber bullying is a form of violence on the Internet that is done or experienced by someone especially children and teenagers. Generally cyber bullying is done by teenagers in those ages, they need recognition of their existence.

The many crimes that come from social media

We may have often heard in the news about the crime that originated from social media, such as kidnapping cases, rape to murder. This is one of the quite severe negative impacts of social media. While on the other hand social media has a positive impact to add friendships, on the other hand there is a mandatory impact we should take note of.

This is usually the case for someone who is a teenager, the nature of young people who tend to be still more prone to the perpetrators will be easier for criminals to perform the action. You can be more selective to make friends if you are new to knowing it through social media.

The rise of information lies know the news hoax

Spread, share, spread! Sentences that we often encounter in WHATSAPP AND FACEBOOK app messages

These words are often seen in social-social media such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and others. For someone who does not have a critical thinking of course with the ease of belief with information that is not clear the truth so that the chain message is circulating everywhere. The information that is in the form of this lie often we call it with hoaxes. The amazing few times the hoax news can be viral because of the many people who accept it then deploy it.

Hate speech threat

The use of religion for political purposes, the hate of hatred in minorities, until the practices of abusive, hateful conduct often present daily in the grip without strainer. If children and adolescents are not able to parse some of that information, they are vulnerable to hate speech.

Physical development 

Too much use of the Internet can lead to the physical development of adolescents experiencing physical decline. Examples of visual problems such as eye fatigue, headache even blurred vision. In addition to these disorders, social media addiction can also lead to obesity in children and adolescents due to reduced physical activity.

Lose memory

When someone is too fun to play a gadget and chat on social media then the memory of a person is for example so vulnerable to forgetting the time.

That is the arithmetic I tell you about the discussion of the positive impact and negative impact of social media hopefully besides enjoying our benefits also become more attentive to the negative impact that exists. So the conclusion is not too excessive in using social media yes. Hopefully the information from me is beneficial to all of you.

Cara Membuat Channel Youtube yang Baik dan Benar

By On October 21, 2019

Untuk membuat channel youtube sebenarnya cukup mudah, namun untuk sobat yang masih pemula tentu membutuhkan sebuah panduan untuk bisa membuatnya. Karena untuk membuat channel di youtube hanya memerlukan sebuah akun di Google, jadi saya harap sobat sudah punya akun di Google ya.

Sarat pertama untuk dapat terkenal dan menghasilkan uang lewat youtube adalah kita diharuskan membuat akun dan channel terlebih dahulu. Apa itu channel? channel adalah saluran untuk video-video kita nantinya, sama seperti televisi atau radio, di youtube pun kita harus memiliki saluran terlebih dahulu agar kita bisa mulai mengupload video-video kita di channel/saluran tersebut. Lalu bagaimana cara membuat saluran atau channel tersebut? berikut akan saya jelaskan caranya.

masuk ke akun YouTube Anda,disini Anda sudah memiliki channel bawaan yang namanya sesuai dengan nama Anda di akun Google. Lalu klik icon channel Anda yang berada di pojok kanan atas (berupa foto profil Anda di akun Google anda). Lihat contoh gambar dibawah. Setelah itu akan muncul kilasan detail profil Anda. Lalu klik icon  pengaturan (Setelah YouTube) di samping icon profil Anda.

klik setelan youtube
Lalu akan muncul laman dashboard atau ikhtisar,di laman ini Anda lihat teks paling bawah yang tertulis “Buat Channel Baru” yang berwarna biru atau jika Anda memakai bahasa inggris,yang berarti tulisannya adalah “Add New Channel
klik buat channel baru

Jika sudah, klik tulisan itu. Kemudian akan muncul laman baru. Isi nama channel YouTube sesuka Anda, disini bebas yang penting sopan. Sekarang saatnya memilih kategori channel. Perhatikan gambar dibawah. Jika sudah klik Buat.
masukan nama channel anda dan klik buat
selamat anda sudah membuat channel youtbe
dan saya juga akan membahasan sebuah artikel bagaimana cara mengupload video ke youtube
Jika Anda sudah selesai membuat channel baru di YouTube, pastinya Anda tidak sabar untuk mengupload video dan mulai menghasilkan uang.
Namun perlu Anda tahu, Anda tidak dapat langsung menghasilkan uang tepat setelah Anda membuat sebuah channel,Anda harus mengupload sejumlah video dan mendapatkan viewer yang stabil, baru setelah itu Anda dapat menghasilkan uang dengan mendaftarkan channel YouTube Anda ke Google Adsense
Sebagai permulaan, silahkan upload video yang Anda punya dengan mengklik tombol Upload yang terletak di pojok kanan atas.

Setelah Anda mengklik tombol Upload, Anda akan dialihkan ke halamannya
Untuk mengupload video, silahkan drag video Anda ke area yang disediakan atau klik tombol Select files to upload dan cari file yang ingin Anda upload.
Jika Anda sudah memilih video yang ingin diupload, Anda akan dialihkan ke halaman untuk mengisi informasi tentang video yang Anda upload,berikut tata cara Dalam pengisian data data video YouTube, pada dasarnya Anda hanya perlu mengetikan 3 kolom,yaitu :
  • Title (Judul): Ketikan judul dari video yang Anda upload, buatlah judul yang semenarik mungkin agar viewer tertarik untuk menonton video Anda.
  • Description (Deskripsi): Ketikan deskripsi dari vdeo yang Anda upload, deskripsi ini dapat berupa informasi pendukung seputar video. 
  • Saran saya, buatlah deskripsi yang selengkap dan sepadat mungkin, karena deskripsi ini nantinya akan menjadi penentu apakah Anda dapat bersaing dengan YouTuber lain untuk memenangkan halaman pencarian (hasil search) atau tidak. 
  • Tags: Ketikan kategori yang berhubungan dengan video (example: hiburan, tutorial, edukasi, internet marketing, blog, dsb)

Jika proses upload sudah selesai, langsung saja klik Publish.
Setelah Anda mengklik Publish, YouTube akan melakukan pengecekan terhadap video, apakah video yang Anda upload tersebut melanggar peraturan (melakukan re-upload video YouTuber lain,mengupload video berhak cipta,video dengan konten dan adanya konten kriminal) atau tidak.Jika video yang Anda buat memang merupakan original buatan Anda,YouTube pasti akan mempublish video Anda dalam hitungan detik.

Barangkali bagi Anda yang masih belum punya pekerjaan,atau masih duduk di bangku sekolah,tidak ada salahnya Anda untuk memulai bisnis yang dapat dilakukan waktu senggang ini, hanya dengan bermodalkan sebuah PC/Laptop,android dan koneksi Internet, Anda dapat mencetak belasan sampai ratusan jutaan rupiah dari YouTube.
sudah ada banyak orang yang terbukti sukses di YouTube,terutama bagi Anda yang memang jago dalam bidang multimedia,menjadi seorang YouTuber adalah pilihan yang sangat bijak untuk memanfaatkan sumber daya manusia (SDM) yang Anda punya.